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Painted Pumpkin and Face Ideas
The Sneaker Wearing Zombies want to give you the coolest pumpkin face ideas on the Internet!

We'll be uploading painted pumpkin ideas and examples and pumpkin printable to help make your job easier. Plus you'll find stencils, carving tips, templates and other pumpkin graphics to help make your Halloween better.

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The Painted Pumpkins of Halloween
Check out our fun selection of painted designs...

We've put together some fun painted pumpkin ideas for your next pumpkin. Please check back as we are just getting started!

Cool Pumpkin
Cool Pumpkin

Add a cool pair of shades to your pumpkin and make him very hip. A great cheesy smile also helps make this a fun design.

Smiley Pumpkin
Smiley Pumpkin

A funny, simple face design. Paint some googly eyes and a fun smile and turn your pumpkin into a smiley face!

Download and print the face above HERE.

Skull and Cross Bones Pumpkin
Skull Pumpkin

Turn your pumpkin into a skull and crossbones pumpkin. Looks like a pirate pumpkin!

Fish Bowl Pumpkin
Fish Bowl Pumpkin

Turn your pumpkin into what looks like a fish bowl. Paint fish and bubbles on all sides.

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